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The fish and chip shop is a great British institution. It is a place that has been around for years and will continue to be around for many years to come. One of the most famous types of fish and chips shops are in the Black Country region in the Midlands. They serve potato chips with a type of batter which make the appearance of the chips a golden orange colour. This batter gives the chips a crispy coating and a delicious flavour. Orange battered chips are extremely popular in the Midlands region of England. The batter used in this dish originates from the Black Country, Dudley, Wolverhampton and Birmingham in the West Midlands. The traditional recipe has been seen in fish and chip shops around the area and loved by locals and visitors. — Fish and chips are a national dish in the United Kingdom, and they are often served with mushy peas. The batter is usually made from flour, maize, salt, water and baking powder or soda, with a hint of paprika and some orange colour for the iconic orange colour. The fish is usually haddock or cod that has been deep fried in oil to make it crispier.

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Used by chippies in the Black Country, Midlands


I love Harry Harvey crispy chip coating to make the famous orange battered chips at home.

Jeromy Whittaker


I craved orange battered chips after moving to London, now i make them whenever I fancy.

Martin Pearson


Enjoy your family meals with orange battered chips

Orange Battered Chips Mix from Black Country
1kg Crispy Chip Coating for Orange Batter Chips Harry Harvey
Orange Battered Chips Mix from Black Country
1kg Crispy Chip Coating for Orange Batter Chips Harry Harvey

Orange Batter Chips Crispy Coating - 1kg Harry Harvey Mix

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Easy to use batter mix

Cut potatoes into long lengths



Add 300ml water to 1kg of Harry Harvey batter mix



Mix with potatoes, fry and stir chips to agitate and separate in pan.



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Orange Battered Chips at Home