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Harry Harvey Laundry Starch 250g packet(s)

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Harry Harvey Traditional Laundry Starch Powder
  • 250g
  • For Tablecloths, Linens, Sheets, Chef Whites, Shirts and other Clothes and garments etc.
  • Ideal for hotels, restaurants, cafes, diners and for home use.
  • Made from maize starch
  • No chemicals, non toxic
Used by professionals and home users. 
  • The garment becomes easier to iron
  • Not only does shirts simply look better, they will be more resistant to creases, looking 'sharper' the whole day long with a crisp and stiff feel.
  • The fabric becomes more resistant to grime, sweat, and spills.
Also great for the Sikh turban wearers to starch their turbans.  (Mandi, Mandy, Mava)

contact us for wholesale enquiries, to sell st your store, website eBay shop, Amazon store or to use in your hotel, bed and breakfast, diner, cafe, restaurant, school, hospital etc.

Usage instructions:

Use 15g per kg of dry load.
Add to spin cycle in washing machine.
For hand wash, mix into water and rinse garments in laundry starch solution and let dry on washing line without rinsing.  
Iron garments and enjoy the crisp and stiff finish.