Harry Harvey 200g packet Salt & Pepper Meat Glaze Marinade

Harry Harvey Salt & Pepper Meat Glaze | 200g Packet | Butchers Marinade

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Introducing Harry Harvey's Salt and Pepper Meat Glaze - the ultimate marinade for meat lovers! Crafted with the finest ingredients, this 200g packet promises to elevate your culinary creations and leave your taste buds tantalized.

Perfect for glazing and marinading meats such as lamb, beef, pork, venison, chicken, and fish for curries, BBQ, grilling, and roasting, this versatile glaze is a must-have in your kitchen arsenal. Take your taste buds on a journey with Chinese-style salt and pepper pork ribs, chicken wings, and chips that are bursting with flavor.

Transform your everyday meals into gourmet dishes with just a few simple steps.  Add 1kg of your favorite meat or poultry to a large bag or bowl, add 100g of our glaze, and coat evenly.  Leave for 15 minutes to marinade and let the flavours infuse and watch as the Harry Harvey Salt and Pepper Meat Glaze works its magic.

Cook as desired!

Experience the taste sensation that everyone is raving about and take your cooking to the next level.  Order your Harry Harvey Salt and Pepper Meat Glaze today and discover the secret to mouth-watering meals that your friends and family will love.