Harry Harvey Regular Chicken Breading and Coating

Harry Harvey Chicken Breading and Coating

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Looking for the perfect breading for your chicken dishes? Look no further than Harry Harvey Chicken Breading and Coating!

Crafted from the finest ingredients, this Southern fried chicken breading is the perfect way to get that crispy, flavorful coating that everyone loves. Coming in 1kg packets, this breading can be used for chicken, pork, beef, fish, paneer, tofu, and other products. It's even used by takeaways around the country, giving you that authentic chicken shop style right in your own kitchen.

But Harry Harvey Chicken Breading isn't just for home cooking. It's a go-to for professional establishments all around the world, delivering great tasting chicken every time. So whether you're a culinary expert or just starting out, trust Harry Harvey to help you create the tastiest chicken dishes possible.

Not just limited to chicken, Harry Harvey Chicken Breading and Coating is also great for adding flavor and texture to your fish dishes. So why wait? Add this top-quality chicken coating to your pantry today and watch your recipes come to life!