About Us

HH Industries Ltd is a family run business that specialise in packaging supplies, chemicals, specialist food ingredients and a more diverse range of products added everyday. The company has been established since 2012 and is growing rapidly every month.

Most of our products are manufactured or packaged in the UK at our Walsall manufacturing and packaging plant. Products that we source from around the globe are also distributed from our premises.

It''s the service and quality our customers are receiving, that is contributing to our growth. We will continue to provide customers with excellent products with even better customer service, and will keep these values at the core of our business.  

The business has seen growth in the supply of Glycerine VG & Glycol PG as more people opt out of smoking and move to vaping. At HH Industries we have become the hub for vapers and e-liquid manufacturers to source any quantity of pre mix blends. Not only do we supply to the United Kingdom, our glycerine and glycol products are used by e-liquid manufacturers in Ireland, Belgium, France, Spain, Iceland, Cyprus, Germany and Lithuania.

Located in the West Midlands with excellent road networks to the rest of the country customers can easily collect or we can deliver locally or nationwide.