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At HH Industries we constantly are on the look for new business opportunities and concepts, if you have a product that you think will benefit from adding to our portfolio, then get in touch.

Send details of your proposal and product to us by email to 

Include the following details:

1. Product title and description
2. MOQ
3. Cost per item, we will only entertain the lowest possible price.  If we can source the item cheaper then we are unable to further any business.
4. Company name
5. Contact details
6. Website
7. RRP of product
8. Any other information that may help us make a decision

We will get back in touch once we evaluate the proposal.

At HH Industries we are always looking for new products and for new suppliers of our existing range.  If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or supplier of the following products then we would like to get in touch:

Vegetable Glycerine BP USP
Monopropylene Glycol BP USP
Sodium Bicarbonate BP USP
Demineralised Water BP USP
Rose Water 
Food colours
Food flavourings
Cleaning products
Printed labels
Thermal labels