Vegetable Glycerine VG & MPG Propylene Glycol PG VGPG Blend Mix 60/40
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Ready Mix Blend Deals

You will receive pre mix 60/40 blended liquid

Vegetable GLYCERINE 60%

USP Grade, Purity 99.8%

European Grade A, Highest Quality


Monopropylene Glycol MPG
Pharmaceutical Grade PG 40%

99.8 % Purity

Glycerine and glycol manufactured for the pharmaceutical industry, used by all major food manufacturers and labs.  Ideal for eliquids.

European Pharmacopoeia Specification (Pharmaceutical Grade)

Over night Delivery by Courier, Get it Fast, Get it within 24 hours option

Sealed container with tamper evident cap

Our blend comes Professionally packed and labelled with batch number, best before date, measurement and barcode

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